Google celebrated the 112th birthday of German innovative electronic music composer and physicist Oskar Sala with an artistic doodle showing him working on his trautonium. 

Recognised for producing sound effects on a musical instrument called a mixture-trautonium, Salas electrified the world of television, radio and film.

Sala was born in Greiz, Germany, in 1910 and was immersed in music since birth.

His mother was a singer and his father was an ophthalmologist with musical talent

At 14, Sala began creating compositions and songs for instruments like the violin and piano.

His life missionbecame mastering the trautonium and developing it further which inspired his studies in physics and composition at school.

This new focus led Sala to develop his own instrument called the mixture-trautonium. With his education as a composer and an electro-engineer, he created electronic music that set his style apart from others. 

The mixture-trautonium’s architecture is so unique that it was capable of playing several sounds or voices simultaneously.