I tried the TikTok viral powder puff from brand loved by Lizzo and Jennifer Hudson’s MUAs

You might be surprised to hear that it’s NOT a makeup product that achieves this flawless ‘filter’ finish - but an applicator tool that can be used with any loose powder that’s already in your kit.

The tool is the Trigwell Cosmetics powder puff, and it’s recently gone viral on TikTok after being used by the likes of Amelia Olivia and Graces.faces - two well known beauty creators on the app.

Not only that, but Jennifer Hudson and Lizzo have both been spotted sporting makeup looks created with Trigwell Cosmetics, proving to be a hit with their makeup artists.

To prove that you don’t need a luxury powder for this to work - I used Aldi’s Lacura translucent loose powder, using Trigwell’s popular Velvet Powder Puff to apply.

Often sold out, the powder puff is said to ‘take your makeup game to a 10/10’ and as someone who’s limited makeup skills see them sit somewhere around a six on a good day, it was a challenge I definitely wanted to take.

I applied my makeup as I usually would, using the Collection Gorgeous Glow Filter Finish primer under my foundation. Typically, I get a lot of creasing under my eyes, and my pores have always quite noticeable around my nose.

I took a small amount of Aldi’s loose powder and tapped off the excess before patting the product into my skin with the powder puff and my jaw quite literally hit the floor