Despite playing in a run-oriented offense to start his career, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson is one of the best at his position.

Now, with new head coach Kevin O’Connell coming in with an offensive style that resembles the Los Angeles Rams and their pass-oriented mindset, there is no telling with Jefferson can become, that is until you look at the latest sight of practice.

First Odell Beckham Jr, then Jarvis Landry, and with Ja’Marr Chase and Jefferson also following in those footsteps

it sends shudders down the spine just thinking about what Jefferson could do in an offense that is reminiscent of what he did back in college that included a year of winning the national championship.

Justin Jefferson is now in an offense that can fully unlock his skills In his first two seasons in the league

Justin Jefferson has caught close to 200 passes (196) and over 3,000 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns, this despite playing in a system predicated on running the football on most opportunities.

Justin Jefferson is an immense talent, and he’s been playing in a system that has not fully utilized his skill set.