Sophie Araque-Liu, a 16-year-old student from Florida, has become the winner of the Doodle for Google 2022 Contest.

Her artwork was based on this year's theme, "I care for myself by..." She will be getting a college scholarship of $30,000.

The internet giant, Google, has decided to display the artwork of Sophie Araque-Liu, who has won the Doodle for Google 2022 contest.

The winning artwork is now live on the homepage of Google ( and in Google Chrome.

Google declared Sophie the winner after several evaluations and public voting rounds

Doodle for Google is an annual contest wherein Google asks students throughout the United States to submit their artwork based on a particular Google Doodle theme.

The theme for Doodle for Google 2022 was "I care for myself by..." With this theme, the internet giant asked students to express their positive approach towards renewing their emotional and mental health.

In selecting a winner, the judges' panel of Google first evaluates thousands of entries and then shortlists one best artwork from each state and territory of the US.