Mike Tyson makes sense of 'medical issue' after he was seen in a wheelchair

Mike Tyson said his sciatica eruptions get so terrible that he "couldn't talk."

During a new meeting with Newsmax television, Tyson tended to his "main medical issue" after the previous heavyweight champion was shot in a wheelchair at Miami Global Air terminal last month.

"I have sciatica from time to time, it erupts," he told the power source, per DailyMail. "At the point when it erupts, I couldn't talk! Say thanks to God it's the main medical condition I have."

Sciatica is torment that movemwp3nts along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower down one or the two legs to the feet.

Tyson said he is feeling "mind blowing now," and that "everyone in my home is genuinely honored and we as a whole are extremely thankful for anything that we have."

Last month, the boxing legend raised worry among fans when he was found in a wheelchair at the air terminal in Miami.

 The 56-year-old, who was holding a mobile stick in his lap at that point, postured for selfies with fans as he was wheeled through the terminal by an air terminal worker.