Desert lovers across the globe celebrate the National Ice Cream Day on the 3rd Sunday of every July. 

In honour of this day, many restaurants, cafes and ice cream manufacturing companies offer special schemes.

As per common belief, people in the Persian Empire used to put some snow in a bowl about thousands of years ago.

Next, they added some concentrated grape-juice over it to enhance its taste. This yummy dish was usually eaten to beat the scorching weather conditions.

Those who belonged from the Persian Empire used to enjoy this treat by placing the snow in underground chambers, which were popularly known as Yakchal. This place kept the snow from melting.

Cooking methods and techniques advanced later, giving birth to the first ice cream in Naples, Italy. The credit for this one goes to a man born in 1642, named Antonio Latini. Latini made a delicious milk-based sorbet.

The National Ice Cream Month was announced by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. He then declared every third Sunday of July to be celebrated as the National Ice Cream Day.