The story is of a sincere government officer taking on corrupt police officers involved in red sandalwood smuggling and solving the mystery of missing people.

Ravi Teja plays the titular character Rama Rao, a deputy collector who is described as controversial, calculative and works with good intent.

He is farmer-friendly and ensures a disciplined work culture in the government office. He crosses paths with police officer Murali (Venu Thottempudi). Alongside, Ramarao’s attempt to probe into the missing case of the husband of his former lady love Malini (Rajisha Vijayan) leads him to a nexus of red sandalwood smugglers.

Ramarao on Duty Cast: Ravi Teja, Rajisha Vijayan, Divyansha Kaushik Direction: Sarath Mandava Music: Sam C S

A few significant characters are made to speak with an exaggerated accent, like Murali who wears his accent on his sleeve and S P Devanand (what a waste of John Vijay, especially after Sarpatta Parambarai) whose manner of speaking is just peculiar and serves no purpose.

Since the story is set in the 1990s, we see Ramarao relying more on on-field investigations with less help from technology. The investigation itself is pretty ordinary, but that is a different bone of contention.

He is also shown to be ambidextrous, a trait that doesn’t add anything to his characterisation or the story. Ravi Teja does what is required for his part but we have seen him do much better.