On Thursday, July 12, 2022, the Google Doodle showed a vibrant illustration of Hong Kong comedian and actress Lydia Tin Ha Sum to celebrate what would have been her 77th birthday

The image shows an illustration of her life set in front of a film reel, referencing her career as an actress.

Born in Shanghai on July 21, 1945, Lydia Tin Ha Sum made her acting debut at just 15 in 1960.

The actress starred in When the Peach Blossoms Bloom in 1960, after joining the Shaw Brothers Studio – Hong Kong’s largest production company, at the time.

She later went on to emcee for variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight in 1967, which led to her rise to fame after becoming one of the most notable features of the show.

Sum later went on to appear in over 100 movies in a range of languages, and also had international success after starring in Singapore’s hit sitcom Living with Lydia.