Zuckerberg says Meta’s next VR headset will launch in October and will focus on ‘social presence’

Meta is launching its next VR headset this October at the company’s Connect conference.

He said that the new VR headset, a sequel to the popular Oculus 2, will focus on “social presence,” with features like eye-tracking and face-tracking

Zuckerberg said that the headset is designed to capture users’ facial expressions and have them replicated on their avatars in real time to enhance non-verbal communication.

He also noted that while Meta’s AR glasses are a few years away, the headset launching in October will have some mixed reality features.

A report from Bloomberg last month noted that code in Meta’s companion iPhone app for VR headsets suggested that the upcoming headset will be named Meta Quest Pro.

On the Joe Rogan podcast, Zuckerberg repeatedly stressed the fact that VR can”unlock” a sense of being in the presence of another person.

Meta’s announcement comes weeks after the company raised the price of Oculus 2 from $299 to $399.